Why It Matters

Clean Cold Water
Forests provide clean drinking water, one of our most valuable commodities. Restoration ensures it’s clean, cold and connected; full of fish, not sediment.
Productive Wildlife Habitat

The bugle of a bull elk or the tracks of a grizzly are part of our heritage. Restoration improves their habitat by creating better forage and fighting noxious weeds.

Science-Based Monitoring
Results only matter if you can measure them.   Restoration means we are monitoring and reporting the good work we do using science.
Improved Recreation
Public lands are ours to use.  Restoration can improve trail and road access and maintain facilities for our enjoyment.
Fire-Safe Communities
Nobody likes to feel unsafe.  Restoration can help protect communities and private property by fire-proofing the high-risk areas in the wildland urban interface.
New Forest Jobs
Jobs are needed now more than ever. Restoration is creating new family-wage opportunities that foster economic growth and help revitalize rural communities.