December 10-11, 2015 at the University of Montana

Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify where, how, and why monitoring is occurring for lynx, wolverine, and fisher
  • Share lessons learned, innovations, and challenges around monitoring of lynx, wolverine, and fisher
  • Discuss which methods are best for different monitoring objectives
  • Discuss whether there is a need or support for using consistent monitoring approaches across a wider area, and at what scales these could occur
  • Discuss means for maintaining regular discussions on lynx, fisher, and wolverine monitoring and management

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Notes with Action Items

Workshop Attendee List

Meso carnivore workshop photo 3 Dec 2015Phil Hough 20151210_104823ECsm

Workshop Presentations

Map of Meso-carnivore Monitoring Projects in the Rockies and Monitoring Projects Summary Table

January 2014 Carnivore Workshop Final Notes (previous workshop)