Upcoming Meetings and Events:

June 16, 2016: Field Trip to Stonewall Project (tentative, details coming soon).

August 9, 2015. SWCC Conference Call Meeting 9-10:30am (may be replaced with field trip).

November 15, 2015. SWCC Conference Call Meeting 9-10:30am. 

Notes, Presentations, and New Items:

NEW! 2015 SWCC Carnivore Monitoring Progress Report

May 10, 2015. Meeting Notes coming soon.

April 13, 2015: SWCC Meeting Notes, Monitoring Update

December 2015 Carnivore Monitoring Workshop: Presentations, notes, map, and attendee list from workshop

January 25, 2016: Blackfoot Swan Landscape Restoration Project Update, Forest Service Center Horse presentation, SWCC Comment Letter on Center Horse Landscape Restoration Project DEIS

January 14, 2016: SWCC Comment Letter on Beaver Creek Landscape Restoration Project EA

New! Meadow Smith Monitoring Report: A comprehensive look at multiple monitoring efforts for one project and the larger story they can tell

FY2015 SWCC-CFLR Annual Report

FWP Aquatic Invasive Species Inspections Update for June 26, 2015 (partially funded with CFLRP funds)

SWCC 5-Yr Monitoring Summary

July 14, 2015: Draft SWCC Meeting Notes. Presentations: SWCC Targets Update, Lolo NF road management definitionsBSLRP LiDAR Areas

June 9, 2015: Meeting Notes. Documents and Presentations: 1) SWCC Charter Amended 2015-6-9, 2) BSLRP Communications Plan 040915, 3) Black Hills Mountain Pine Beetle Response Project presentation, 4) Center Horse Update.

March 24-25, 2015: 2015 SWCC Adaptive Management Workshop Summary and Presentations: 1) Workshop Introduction, 2) Meadow Smith and Cooney McKay projects, 3) Social Survey Update, 4) Landscape Fire Analyses, 5) Fire Management Cost Savings R-CAT, 6) Herbicide Effectiveness Monitoring, 7) LiDAR Applications, 8) SWCC Meeting Attendance, 9) Forest Carnivore Monitoring, 10) Road Effects and Aquatic Systems, 11) Roads and Water Quality, 12) Citizen Science Stream and Forest Monitoring.

January  27, 2015: webinar by Anne Carlson (The Wilderness Society) on “Quantifying the Benefits of Watershed Restoration in the Face of Climate Change”

January 13, 2015: Meeting Notes. Presentations: 1) BSLRP Terrestrial Assessment Update, 2) BSLRP Aquatic Assessment Update, 3) Aquatic Assessment Part II: NRAP Young et al., 4) SWCC Landscape Level Climate Adaptation Update

November 12, 2014Meeting Notes.

September 9, 2014: Meeting Notes.

May 2014: Summary of field trip hosted by the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network as part of the Large Wildland Fires Conference in Missoula. Field trip was titled “Fuels Reduction and Restoration in Mixed-Conifer Forests of the Southwestern Crown of the Continent” and organized by Travis Belote (the Wilderness Society) and Cory Davis (University of Montana and SWCC). Video coming soon!

Archived Meeting Notes